The coal mine paintings which are a part of Japan's first Memory of the World registry are a must see when you visit Tagawa

Sakubei Yamamoto's Coal Mine Paintings and Writings became part of Japan's first UNESCO (Memory of the World) programme in 2011. The Sakubei Yamamoto Collection consists of coal mine paintings and diaries. The many paintings that depict the hard life of working in a coal mine will take you back to that era. Mr. Sakubei was born and raised in Chikuho around the coal mines and witnessed firsthand the life and hardships of the region. His work was recognized by Unesco as having international importance depicting an era when Japanese industry developed rapidly. Included in Sakubei Yamamoto's Collection are 589 paintings as well as 108 diaries and manuscripts totaling 697 documents in all. Based on personal experience and stories, he used ink and watercolor to depict the coal mines during a period from the end of the Meiji era to post-Pacific War in an effort to leave the memories of life and humanity in a coal mine for his children and grand children. Although the paintings were completely self-taught, they represent a lively depiction of the coal mines and what life was like during that period.

From JR HAKATA Sta./Fukuoka City

  • Approx. 60min. by train

    Sasaguri Line/Chikuho Main Line → Gotoji Line
    JR Hakata Sta. - Shin-Iizuka Sta. - Tagawa-Gotoji Sta.

  • Approx. 70min. by bus

    Nishitetsu Bus
    Nishitetsu Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal - Nishitetsu Gotoji Bus Office

  • Approx. 50min. by car

    Via Route 201
    Fukuoka IC - Around Tagawa City Hall

    Approx. 50 min.
    by car from Fukuoka Airport

From JR Kokura Sta./Kitakyushu city

  • Approx. 50min. by train

    Hitahikosan Line
    JR Kokura Sta. - Tagawa-Ita Sta.

  • Approx. 80min. by bus

    Nishitetsu Bus
    Kokura Sta. Bus Center -Nakatani - Tagawa-Ita Sta.

  • Approx. 30min. by car

    Via National Route 322 Kokura-minami IC - Around Tagawa City Hall

    Approx. 50 min.
    by car from Kitakyushu Airport

From JR Nogata Sta.

  • Approx. 40min. by train

    Heiei Chikuho Railway Ita Line/Itoda Line
    Nogata Sta. - Tagawa-Ita Sta. Ita Line
    Nogata Sta. - Tagawa-Gotoji Sta. Itoda Line

  • Approx. 30min. by car

    Via Tagawa-Nogata Bypass
    Yahata IC - Around Tagawa City Hall

From JR Yukuhashi Sta.

  • Approx. 50min. by train

    Heiseichikuho Railway Tagawa Line
    Yukuhashi Sta. - Tagawa-Ita Sta.

  • Approx. 30min. by car

    Via Route 201
    Yukuhashi IC - Around Tagawa City Hall