Tagawa city located in the heart of Fukuoka Prefecture has
a wide range of places to visit from the popular to the obscure.

Tagawa was known as a coal mining town that greatly contributed to the industrial revolution in Japan.
A long time has passed since the coal mine was closed but two of the original chimneys that symbolize Tagawa remain to this day.
The Chikuho coalfield at one time boasted Japan's largest coal output. Coal as a source of energy was often referred to as “black diamond.”
Many companies rushed to join the booming coal mining industry where a lot of homes for coal mine workers were built side by side. This created a unique food culture and environment.

The coal mine paintings which are a part of Japan's first Memory of the World registry are a must see when you visit Tagawa

Sakubei Yamamoto's Coal Mine Paintings and Writings became part of Japan's first UNESCO (Memory of the World) programme in 2011. The Sakubei Yamamoto Collection consists of coal mine paintings and diaries. The many paintings that depict the hard life of working in a coal mine will take you back to that era.

Tagawa’s festivals are artistic! Tagawa’s festivals embody its history and tradition.
Colorful, unique, and powerful. People will stand riveted to their spots!

Fuuji Hachimangu Shrine’s Kawawatari Jinkosai Festival is one of Fukuoka Prefecture’s five great festivals.
It has been held for more than 450 years.
The two mikoshi (portable shrine) take a trip for two days and one night to a temporary lodging on the other side of the Hikosan River. The two shrines and eleven colorful Yamakasa decorations (floats that symbolize the festival) in the river are dynamic.

Visit the adorable Jizo statues at the temple!

There are many unique Jizo statues located at the temples in Tagawa city. At Mitsui Temple, you will find Jizo statues making a "banzai" and "victory sign" pose. Don't miss the "Ganbare" Jizo at Jodoji Temple! Mitsui Temple, also known as the "wind chime temple" in the summer season is where the friendly priests have created a corridor of hand-made wind chimes that emit a beautiful sound of 2,500 different tones in the wind. You can also write a wish on the wind chimes. Please enjoy the wind chime tunnel with the cats that occasionally will greet you.
In autumn the temple is surrounded by the serenity of the fall colors.

Centennial Bell (Towa no Kane)

This love fulfillment object built on November 1, 2019 commemorates the 111th year of the construction of the two symbolic chimneys of Tagawa City.

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